Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"neutral" shoes

Don't you hate when your favorite running shoe gets a "model update"? At least if it is discontinued you know it gone and you have to start over with a new shoe. When I hear things like, the new model is coming soon, I just cringe. A couple of years ago, after alot of searching and wear testing, I found that the New Balance 1061 was the a great neutral shoe for me and most of my clients. It provided clients that wear orthotics, a good firm start without a large soft crash pad. I was getting 400 miles on my shoes which was the best mileage on a pair of shoes that I have accumulated in several years. But then with the new year, the 1061 was updated to the 1062. It looks similar but it is not. They extended the crash pad which significantly change the shoe. With video, I am finding that I am no longer able to recommend it as often as I could the 1061. With my running, I now only get 200 miles prior to it wearing out to the point when I can no longer wear the shoe.

Never fear, I think I have found my new favorite "neutral shoe"without a large crash pad: The Brooks Defyance. On video tape it looks to be as good as the 1061 and much more "neutral" than the 1062. It has gotten similar kudos from my clients. I don't have many miles on the shoe, so I don't have a feel for it's durability. Let us hope that Brooks doesn't screw up a good thing with the "new models". New Balance is coming out with the new model replacement for the 1062, the 1063!
Maybe it will be an improvement.
Neutral shoe without large/soft crash pads:
Brooks Defyance, Adidas Boston (no formotion), NB 1062, occasionally the Asics Landreth

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Nat said...

god, they "upgraded" my Brooks Ariel's and I am going to have to go try them on... gah... I think I may cry.