Thursday, August 14, 2008

Simple injury prevention--Tip 5

Today on Take and run Thursday the topic is taking care of your feet. I find myself repeating these tips frequently during my work week so I thought I would share them with the Lounge.
1. Avoid wearing poor shoes... high heels, flip flops, or any other shoes which are uncomfortable. I know this is easier said than done, but at least avoid wearing them for long periods of time especially when standing or walking.
2. Don't continue to run in worn running shoes too long. I usually advise my patients to purchase a new shoe when the out sole of the current shoe begins to wear down or if approaching 300 miles. Get a second pair and start using them for the longer or harder runs.
3. Be careful buying a super soft cushioned shoe especially if a foot tends to over pronate. If a new shoe feels really soft and cloud like, there is a good chance it is too soft. Don't just buy the same shoe again. Make sure there haven't been any major changes to that model. Video taping running in the shoes and studying the way a foot reacts to that shoe is the best way to find the proper shoe. Compare the old shoes to the new shoes.
4. Avoid sitting on the foot when sitting! This is a very common mistake which will not only over stretch the soft tissue of the ankle but will likely cause knee, hip and back issues as well.
5. At the end of the day or run, if the feet are sore ice and take a day off. The sooner the soreness is addressed, the quicker they will heal. Too many times I hear patients that have had plantar fasciitis for over a year say, "but it didn't really hurt that bad".

I hope this is helpful.
In one week I leave for my first Hood To Coast and will be sporting a Runner's Lounge T Shirt.

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Amy said...

Thanks John for the contribution and best wishes on safe, easy travels and a wonderful run!

We packed a little extra luck in the shirt - hope it comes through for you.