Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Retro Shoes (part 3) / Firm Midsole & Crash pad

Read the post Retro shoes and Retro shoes part 2.
This video shows me in a neutral shoe with a more firm mid sole and crash pad. Again watch the ankle, foot and knee during all the phases of the running gait cycle. We think when you compare this with the previous video, you will see that there is less compression of the crash pad/ mid sole and thus a much more efficient gait cycle.

Look for the following:
Less toe out during swing/ Foot straighter during gait
More narrow gait cycle (feet landing in front of each other)
Normal amount of pronation

In our opinion, this "retro style" of neutral shoes will be a better choice for most neutral runners who weigh more than a 115 pounds. This type of shoe is also a great choice for runners who wear orthotics. These shoes should last longer and help to prevent injury. So again be careful when you try on those soft running shoes. Give a firm shoe a chance. Compare your shoe in the same way we did these two shoes. If your mechanics look better then you will probably feel better when you run in them.
Good luck and happy searching!

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Tom said...

I really appreciate your analysis of the shoes, gait, and appropriate fit. As long as there are runners, there will be challenges to find the right shoe

Thanks for the ongoing series of interesting and useful posts. I'll keep coming back!

Keep up the great work!