Monday, January 28, 2008

Retro Shoes (part 2) soft crash pad

This post has a video of a runner (me) in a popular neutral running shoe. Read the post on Retro shoes 1-13-08. The crash pad (blue mid sole material) in this video is large and soft. Watch this video and observe the angle in which the heel makes contact with the ground. Watch the following compression of the crash pad, then the affect that it has on the ankle and foot as the foot travels to foot flat. Then watch the ankle, foot and knee during swing phase. It is easier to see this frame by frame or in slow motion. Watch for wasted motion especially in swing phase (foot turning outward).
Watch the next video and compare it to this video. Even with this poor quality video, you should be able to see some differences.
P.S. We try to write these posts in layman's terms.

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