Saturday, May 10, 2008

Simple Injury Prevention--Tip 1

At The Runner's Lounge, this week's "take and run Thursday" we are to share the obvious. We will call these topics simple injury prevention. Lou & I will share these tips over the following weeks. Here is tip 1.

With summer approaching, flip flops suddenly become one of the most popular shoe choices. I see them everywhere. My wife & daughters like them because they are convenient and stylish. But unfortunately flip flops are not good for the runner's foot. Runners as well as non-runners, should avoid wearing them for long periods of time (shopping, school, anytime with long-term standing or walking). Why? Next time you are at the mall, take some time and watch people walking in flip flops. Notice how the heel slides off to the inside and sometimes even off the sole. If you look up from the foot at the ankle, you will see an increase in pronation (rolling inward). The toe flexor muscles have to contract more to help keep the flip flop on the foot. The combination of these actions will cumulatively increase the stress to the soft tissue of the foot and leg. This choice of shoe combined with your running and training will lead to a higher probability of injury. These injuries may include: Plantar fasciitis (heel pain), Posterior Tibialis tendonitis (shin Splints), Achilles tendonitis, knee and hip pain. So try to avoid wearing flip flops for a long periods time; it will help you in the long run!


Lou said...

Great point, John! You know how I love my flip-flops and a cold corona! Shall we even whisper the words "high-heels"? Nah, i've tried. It's a dead end conversation;) I think you hit it on the head though....moderation.

Anonymous said...

I love wearing Chacos during the summer. Better than flip flops and provide a lot more support.

I do wear high heels on occassion, but I wear sturdy, supportive shoes for my daily walk to work :) Fashion be damned, I gotta take care of these running feet.

merrymishaps said...

I've really tried to wear proper shoes when not running ... but I've found I do quite well walking with Teva flip-flops. They actually have some support!