Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a few words on....P90X

I recently acquired a copy of one session of the P90X workout series. This workout was titled, "Core Synergistics".

First of all, I want to say that this is a great core workout. The series of exercises are taken from a variety of disciplines and has a great foundation in functional strength and fitness. The workouts can be performed with minimal accessories and there is no need to join a gym to get a great 45-60 minute total body workout. From a fitness point of view this is cost-effective and most of all, functional!

My only warning is this: From a physical therapist's point of view, this workout should only be attempted by someone who has had some core strength/functional strength training. I have had several patients that have tried to perform the workouts and ended up with back/shoulder/hip injuries. Many of the exercises performed in this series are very advanced. Even the "modifications" that are demonstrated for beginners are somewhat advanced.

The instructor in the video is very explicit (and I agree with him totally) that if you can't perform the exercises with good form you should 1) decrease the weight 2) change the movement to an easier form 3)perform less repetitions or 4) stop!

My advice would be to consult a health care professional (doctor, physical therapist, athletic trainer) or a reputable fitness professional before beginning these workout programs. Many of these professionals will be able to assist with demonstrating lower level exercises that will eventually lead to successful performance of the more advanced exercises in P90X.

Again, I give a thumbs up to the P90X workouts. Just use common sense when trying to complete the workouts and remember that your form when doing these exercises is the most important thing. If the form is not good and you're not engaging the right muscles at the right time, you might be risking injury.

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