Friday, March 12, 2010

More on dynamic warm-ups

I just got my April edition of the Running Times magazine. This issue is full of some great articles, one written by Mackenzie Lobby on the benefits of a dynamic warm-up rather than static stretching. This author shares more on how static stretching inhibits muscles action. Static stretching actually relaxes muscles which is obviously counter productive when you are about to run a hard workout or a race.

Dynamic mobility exercises will better prepare the muscles involved in running to begin their work and help to avoid injury. Static stretching is better suited for post workout routines. St. Vincent Sports Performance suggests a pre-race /workout routine of slow jogging then performing dynamic mobility exercises followed by some up tempo striders.

This has been my approach for several years. I no longer do any static stretching before any work-out or race. I also avoid static stretching after a hard race or workout as well. It is my opinion that it is safer to stretch a least 1 day after a heavy load is place on muscle. Give the sore muscles groups a chance to naturally stretch during your average day. It has been my experience that runners who stretch after a hard run or race actually predispose themselves to injury.

Here is a link to view what they are doing at St. Vincent Sports Performance.

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