Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ready for summer!

I don't know about everybody else out there, but I'm getting really tired of this cold & wet running weather. Here is a hopeful look forward to summer! A poem written by one of my daughters.

Hear the seagulls,
and halyards hitting the masts
And the laughter.
Smell the barbeque
and smores cooking on a bonfire.
And the chlorine from the pool.
See the crystal clear water in the lake as you glide past on a tube.
And fireworks exploding over the hill
and the sails puffing out in the breeze.
Taste the cold ice cream,
And hot dogs wrapped in a warm bun,
and fresh corn on the cob, dripping with butter.
Feel the warm, setting sun on your skin
and the breeze in your hair
And sand on your bare feet
And the cool, refreshing water after a long hot run.

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