Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Relay Races

If you are looking for a different race experience, you should get a group of friends together and enter a relay race. This last weekend, I had the pleasure of joining my daughter's coaches for a 42K relay. Three of us ran 3 x's 2 mile loops. The fourth lucky soul got to run 3 x's a 2 mile loop as well 1x 2.2 mile loop/ for a total of 26.2 miles. Runner 1 hands off to runner 2, runner 2 hands off to 3 etc.. and repeat. I had just enough time to recover, rehydrate and it would be my time to run again. Despite the heat, we all ran very well and finished in the top 10. It has been my experience that I tend to run better in a team situation. Running with some team pressure helps to prevent that mid- race slump. Besides all that, it is just really fun. Here are some links to some great relay races. River to River, HTC, Wild West Relay, Sunrise to sunset relay and of course the Relay for Life.
So for a different type of race, check for a relay race near you.

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