Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Running and visualization

Today's topic on take and run Thursday is overcoming the tough stuff. I decided to re-post one that I wrote just last month. I don't think too many folks read this one, but I like it. Sometimes it is tough just to get through a workout and you need to get creative just to get it done.


Today's scheduled workout was to run some quality speed for my up coming 5K racing season. After training for my spring half marathons, switching gears to 5k pace was less than appealing. The plan was to run to the track and run 8 X's 400 meters at LT pace with 1:15 rest...ALONE. During the first 400 I felt like I was towing an elephant. I had no legs and dwindling motivation. Needless to say, my first split was disappointingly slow. During my recovery, I decided that I needed to change my attitude or bag it. During the next 400 I remembered last Friday's women's 10,000 m US Olympic trials. It was a great race with gusty performances. Thinking about this race seemingly helped me to hit my next split 2 seconds quicker. On the next 400, I visualized a full stadium, cheering crowds and heavy competition. My imaginary crowd brought me home 3 seconds quicker than my first split, but more importantly I felt like a new runner. It turned out to be a great run. I was able to complete the rest of the workout with my first split being my slowest. I guess I owe it all to the my imaginary crowd support! I always tell my kids you are never too old to use your imagination.


tfh said...

I'll try this next time I have to do dreaded speedwork...I'd bet visualizing passing people helps, too!

Shilingi-Moja said...

I, too, dread speedwork (of course, at 54, "speed" is a relative concept) to the point of making excuses to put it off until the next day. Maybe I should try the visualization. Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Yup, speed work is a Tough Thing for me too. Great idea to visualize a big race and lots of fans!